Siberian Larch is one of the few old growth woods that are beeing harvested from a sustainable forest. The natural growth rate of Siberian Larch is five times more than the rate at which it is being harvested. The demand for decay resistant wood for outdoor constructions is big in Scandinavia. Only in Sweden 800 000 m3 of timber, mainly pine, is treated and used annually. The active substances are copper, chromium and arsenic or creosote. The treatment is needed to prevent natural decay from fungi and bacteria in outdoor timber constructions. The chemical treatment of wood is a big problem for environment and the biggest source ofr pollution of heavy metals in Scandinavia. Wood of different tree species has a more or less developed natural decay resistance. Use of such wood could solve a part of the increasing pollution problems. In Russia and central Europe the heart-wood of Siberian Larch has for centureis been used under conditions where high resistance to decay is required. Other tree species with high natural decay resistance are the heart wood of Scots pine, Oak, American cedars and teak.

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