American Hardwood

White Oak

White Oak: Is a Hardwood of eastern North America, and may be found in variety of dry and moist habitats. It is a strong and massive tree, that normally reaches 66-85 feet (19,5-25,5 m) in height. The sapwood is coloured light brown and the heartwood is light to dark brown. White oak is mostly straight-grained with a medium to coarse texture. The weight is 770 kg per cubic meter. In spring the young leaves are exquisite in their delicate silvery pink, covered with soft down as with a blanket. The petioles are short, and the leaves which cluster close to the ends of the shoots are pale green and downy with the result that the entire tree has a misty, frosty look which is very beautiful. White Oaks have cellular structures called tyloses. Tyloses give the wood a closed cellular structure, which does not allow water to pass. Tyloses are cell ingrowths of living wood parenchyma into the cavities of xylem conducting cells. The white oaks, with tyloses, are used in making wine and whiskey barrels as well as outdoor furniture. used for construction, shipbuilding, cooperage, agricultural implements, and interior finish of houses.

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